Start Your Own Trip: Be a Team Leader

Do you want to go on vacation but no travel agency offers what you want? Or maybe you have a specific trip in mind, but other travel agencies are only interested in the same old pre-planned trips to major cities? Plan your next trip with Navigator Travel and make your dream vacation come true.

If you and your friends already have your perfect trip in mind then that’s great: become a team leader and organize your group vacation as you please. Are you alone on this adventure? That is not a problem; you can still be a team leader and travel with other adventure enthusiasts from all around the world, just design your trip and post it on our web page; travelers will join you in the adventure.

Customize Your Escape

Plan your trip as you like, this vacation is all about making a dream come true, and is as easy as following this simple steps:


  1. Become a team leader and start a new trip.
  2. Choose your destination, we offer trips to the Caribbean and Mediterranean, among other destinations. Don’t want to spend all your time in one place? You can choose to design the best route and travel between multiple destinations so that you can visit all the special places you have always wanted to visit.
  3. Choose how many days to spend at each port.
  4. Choose the ship that fits your needs, according to size and capacity.
  5. Choose the activities that you would like to do: fishing, sight-seeing, scuba-diving, shopping, or simply sailing around, it is all up to you!

Pack your things because you are ready to go!

A Different Way to Travel

Our team will help you plan and prepare the trip, as well as advise you which destinations and activities are most suitable for your interests and preferences. Experience a different way to travel, meet new people and new places while working on team building and social skills. Enjoy the local food, people, and music, and experience a unique adventure that you won’t find with any other travel agency.

With Navigator Travel you can build your vacation to be exactly how you want, it’s all up to you! Become a team leader today!