Our trips do not include airfare. It is the responsibility of each passenger to arrange for transportation to the starting point.

There are no skills required for participation during any of our trips. Our staff and Team Leaders will coach, teach, and aid you at all times.

There are several options to booking a trip. Either contact us over the phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX or apply directly on the website.

Navigator Travel strives to provide you with an authentic experienced in every aspect, therefore all food will be sourced locally. Many of our tours include chefs on board, however, if you would like to impress your friends with your cooking talents – we will be happy to assist.

The Team Leaders work really hard at planning, organizing, and arranging all activities and adventures to make the trip fun for all passengers. Because of this, tips are graciously appreciated, although the tip amount is at the passenger’s discretion.

If you are not sure if this is the right trip for you, the best you can do is read carefully the trip description or call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX to find out more about your itinerary, activities, and how the trip will be organized. All our trips are designed for adventurous and social people or those who want to improve their social skills and team skills. Our trips are the perfect place to meet new people and, or create stronger bonds with other passengers since cooperation is needed to make your trip the vacation of your dreams.

There is no required level of fitness for our trips, but if you’re in doubt read the ‘Trip Details’ for your specific trip to know what activities will be done. Passengers with special physical conditions or physical disabilities must inform the company before engaging in any trip.

Our Family Adventures are specifically designed for families with children of 5 years old and up. For other trips, children of 12 years old and up are welcomed. A ratio of one adult for every two children must be respected. Yolo Trips are restricted to adult passengers only.

Your best option is to check your trip’s itinerary and pack accordingly. Make sure you take into account what activities you’ll be participating in and what the temperatures will be like. Overpacking can become cumbersome, so we recommend you pack lightly.

Our trips are typically action-packed, so bringing a backpack or any other form of light luggage would be beneficial to you and the other passengers. You will probably be moving around a lot, so having a light bag will help you out in the long run.

We typically travel on land by taxis and with public transportation rather than private transportation. The way we travel allows you to see things that most tourists would never get to see and get a unique and authentic experience in which you can interact with locals.

Our trips do not include airport transfers. We recommend that travelers arrange for a taxi or any other type of transportation in advance.

Leaving early shouldn’t be a problem, although the traveler will be responsible for any costs that are involved.

Our trips do not have single-person rooms and usually accommodate two or more people. In special cases, we may be able to offer single-person rooms, although an additional fee will be required.

All travellers must be over the age of 18, and younger travellers should be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 at all times.

Our groups typically consist of 12 to 14 people. Our small group sizes allow us to fit in more activities, foster a stronger team, and have more time for fun!

Navigator travel can’t disclose the details of travelers before the trip for privacy reasons, although our typical clientele consists of friendly and adventurous people who love traveling, as well as thrilling new experiences. You’re bound to find some like minded people on board who are ready to have fun and embark on a completely unique trip.

Before every trip, Navigator Travel searches for the most fun activities for affordable prices that are not provided by major travel agencies companies, but by local service providers. This is how we offer competitive prices and keep our itineraries unique and captivating.

Extra hotels nights can be added at the beginning or ending of your trip, although you will need to contact us beforehand. Make sure your bookings are secured well beforehand to avoid any last minute changes.

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