Dates: 08/24/2019 - 08/31/2019.

Price: USD 1850.

Set sail on a sailing vacation around the incredible Balearic island of Mallorca. Short passages and uncrowded anchorages make the Balearic Islands a premier cruising ground for Navigator Travel yacht charter. Located approximately 125 miles south of Barcelona in the heart of the Balearic Sea, Palma is rife with picturesque port villages—like Port d’Andratx, Portocolom and Cala Figuera—each sharing a laid-back way of life with their own unique charms. There is plenty to do and see in the vibrant town of Palma, where warm welcomes and charming Spanish vibes reign supreme, and the most delectable Mediterranean dishes will treat you to a second to none culinary experience. It is the perfect place to begin and end your one of a kind charter vacation around the splendid isle of Mallorca.

On this adventure you’ll hug the coast of Mallorca, discovering ancient towns with vineyards and orange groves, towering mountain scenery and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.

  •  Pristine beaches, swimming, snorkelling
  •  Ancient towns and villages
  •  Gothic and Arabic architecture
  •  Coastal and blue water sailing
  •  Sheltered anchorages and bays
  •  Modern marinas, traditional harbours

Day 1. Palma de Mallorca.

Capital of the Balearics islands, Palma de Mallorca is home to one of the largest marinas in Europe and is just 8km from the airport. Step ashore to explore the winding cobbled streets, marvel at the magnificent gothic cathedral that watches over the town and lose yourself in the alleyways where you will find numerous tapas bars, restaurants and cafes.

Day 2. Port d’Andratx

The popular harbour town of Andratx is no stranger to the rich and famous. Impressive vacation homes and villas dot the steep cliffs, and the trendy, modern marina makes for an enjoyable overnight destination. Choose to visit the ancient town of Andratx, or stay harbour-side and enjoy the bars and restaurants.

Day 3. Sa Rápita.

Sa Rapita offers one of the best beaches in Mallorca, Es Trenc, with its two miles of white sand and clear waters. The marina is close by the town, with great views south across the sea. Sa Rapita is also a peaceful place to stop for the evening.

Day 4. Porto Cristo

Porto Cristo has long been a favorite stop for yachties, with its incredible blue-green water, great beaches and position in a long, sheltered inlet. Take in the traditional atmosphere of this authentic fishing town.

Day 5. Cala Figuera

It's a short voyage down the coast to Cala Figuera, but there are plenty of things to see and do along the way. Visit the wide natural harbor of Porto Colom where fishing is king and the source of some truly tantalizing cuisine. Named after Christopher Columbus (who might've been born here), this small village is also a sought-after destination for wine aficionados, who come here specifically for DO Pla I Llevant wines, grown here since the age of the ancient Romans.

Day 6. Cabrera

One of the best preserved marine areas on the Spanish Coastlines, Cabrera National Park is an almost untouched oasis located near Mallorca. The natural life and beauty are abundant, making this an excellent escape from the bustling ports nearby.

Day7 . Port de Mallorca

Head back to the beautiful and diverse Port de Mallorca for your last unforgettable night spent underneath whimsical stars over glistening Mediterranean waters. Make the most of your final vacation moments immersed in the charismatic culture of Palma and take the time to explore more of what you love most about Mallorca — historical sites, monumental architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, or the most impressive marina.

Optional Ports of Call:

1.Port Soller

Tucked into a beautiful horseshoe shaped bay with the Tramuntana mountains in the background, the Port of Soller is one of the prettiest stops on your Mallorca itinerary. The bay is well sheltered if you don’t want to go into the marina itself. We recommend heading further inshore to the town of Soller, a charming town where sitting in the main square and soaking up the scent of oranges, wandering the narrow streets and enjoying the scenery is all part of the order of the day.

2.Port of Pollenca

On the northern tip of Mallorca you’ll find Pollenca, a popular family resort with whitewashed villas, slouching pine trees and traditional fishing boats moored along the seafront. The anchorages here are well sheltered, but there’s also a well-equipped marina if you’re looking for fuel, water or creature comforts. The town of Pollenca hosts fairs and fiestas throughout the year, including the Wine Fair in April celebrating wine of Mallorca, so check the calendar to see what’s happening while you're visiting.

3.Porto Cristo and Dragon Caves

The incredible blue-green water, great beaches and its position in a long, sheltered inlet have made Porto Cristo a popular stop for holidaymakers and yachties for decades. One you’ve had a drink in the traditional atmosphere of this working fishing town, head along the coast to explore the unspoilt ‘Dragon Caves’. Discover a hidden world on a guided tour of the Dragon Caves (Cuevas del Drach), exploring the stalactite-studded cave system and enjoying a short floating concert on the underground lake.

4. Sa Rapita

Sa Rapita is home to one of the best beaches in Mallorca, Es Trenc, two kilometres of white sand and clear waters. There’s a marina with the necessary facilities close by the town, with great views to the south, across the sea. Sa Rapita is the perfect choice for a quiet, peaceful stopover before heading to Cabrera or back to Palma.

5. Cabrera National Park

An uninhabited island, Cabrera National Park is an almost untouched oasis just a stone’s throw away from Mallorca. Rich in natural life as well as beauty, this is the perfect stop to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger islands.

Accomodation :

The VPLP architects, in partnership with Lagoon and the celebrated Nauta Design studio, have been brilliantly successful in creating the 450.
– in terms of accommodation
– deck areas
– facilities
– performance

Transportation Terms and Conditions :

7 days of impressions and life sailing on a yacht – immersion into sailing livestyle.

  • professional skipper services
  • professional photo and videography during the trip
  • final cleaning of the yacht
  • bed linen, towels
  • Outboard motor for boat
  • food on yacht
  • limited bar on yacht
  • Food and limited bar on yacht are included
  • diesel, marine charges and marine park permits are included

The program is preliminary and can vary depending on the weather conditions or the wishes of the crew.

  • You need to get in and out of the boat.
  • Dates of the trip are tentative at the moment and will be confirmed shortly.
  • Please contact Navigator Travel before buying air tickets.

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