What to bring on a Sailing Trip

Anything that you bring outside of this recommended list is wasted weight and space, it will fill up your cabin… and you will have to …

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Sailing Balearic Islands. Palma de Mallorka.

Unlike in other sailing cruises, here, at Mallorca you will see that you do not have to travel to the far end of the world …

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French Polynesia by Sailboat: Tahiti and Bora Bora

If in the middle of a cold winter day you are dreaming up idyllic tropical images, be sure most of them come from French Polynesia. …

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) – the Sailing Experience

With calm ocean waters, steady winds, well sheltered and picturesque bays and glorious views, complimented with pirate-themed bars and full-moon parties no wonder British Virgin …

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Discovering Bahamas by Yacht: Abaco and Exumas

If you were to look for an ideal spot for sailing in the Atlantic Ocean – the Bahamas archipelago with the most clear water on …

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Explore The Alternative To Big Ship Cruising

Want to take a cruise? Take a sailboat adventure instead Take a sailing vacation where you will make new friends, discover new places, indulge in …

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